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Demonstration | Active Park Assist

Active Park Assist searches for an available space and steers you in when it finds one. This effortless feature is very easy to use and makes stressful parking in difficult spaces a thing of the past.

To activate the system, press the Active Park Assist button: your screen will display a message and a corresponding graphic to indicate that it is searching for a parking space. Use your turn signal to tell the system whether you want to search for a parking space on the left or right. If you do not activate the turn signal, the system will automatically search on the passenger side.

When the system is activated, it will detect parallel parking spots that are large enough to fit your vehicle. When you shift into reverse, the vehicle will steer itself into the space. You will control the brakes, accelerator, and gearshift, but the wheel will move hands-free. The system will visually and audibly direct you into the space.

For more information on Active Park Assist, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team at Winford Ford who will be very happy to answer any questions.

Added: 07 April 2017

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