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Ford Ranger - The Science of Tough

Check out the ‘Science of tough’ playlist to see how the new Ford Ranger has been tested to its limit in the real world.

Three U shaped cross members give the load box superior strength. These are then connected to the frame through smart mounts that distribute the force across the vehicle.

The tow bar is also reinforced by a unique 12 bolt design which distributes energy throughout the chassis.

Moreover, the front end of the Ranger is designed to disperse water. Most vehicles are designed to be taken through around 200ml of water (an industry standard). With an elevated air intake, alternator and other electronic components mounted much higher, the Ranger is capable of dealing with 800ml of water - even with a 1 tonne maximum payload.

Come and ask a member of our team about the new Ford Ranger!

Added: 29 March 2017

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